Videos Can Help Reno E-Tailers

Vidoes Can Help Reno E-Tailers

It seems like everyone in Reno has their own video on YouTube. Whether it is a shaky phone-filmed clip of their daughter’s dance solo or the winning goal in a Reno soccer game, videos have a huge impact.

The online marketplace is like the newspapers in Harry Potter’s world: the people in the photos actually move and talk! Why should your Reno home business site be the electronic equivalent of an inert Muggle newspaper?

Savvy Reno online retailers use the power of video to sell online.

Customer Testimonial Video
Record one of your satisfied Reno home business customers enthusiastically extolling the virtues of your Reno online business.

How-To Video
Find a YouTube clip of an expert explaining how to use your product or services. (Make sure you don’t drive potential customers to your competitor’s site.) This type of video works well for Reno direct marketers. The parent company site usually has professional marketing videos ready to drop into your e-store.

Product Demonstration Video
This is similar to the previous two videos. This video should emphasize how your product or service is superior to your competitors. If you give product demos at Reno trade shows, simply record one of them. Voila! A perfect video for your website!

Visual Stories
Easy-to-understand graphics and animation can explain complicated products and services. These are more difficult to produce yourself if you are not a professional. However, they can be extremely effective if your product or service is complex.

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